Increase Devotional: Scott Linebrink

Former professional baseball player Scott Linebrink wasn’t a naturally talented baseball player growing up.


“When I was thirteen or fourteen years old, if you were to line me up with everyone else and pick out who was destined to have a career in Major League Baseball, I would probably have been your last pick,” he quips. “I didn’t have a lot a talent.  I also think that lacking size growing up just put me behind the curve. I always had to work hard to try to live up to where I thought I should be.”


Despite these self-assessed limitations, Scott managed to make his way into professional baseball. The journey from there, however, wasn’t always sweet. Scott was often called up to the Majors, only to be quickly sent down to the minors again.


“I felt like every time I took the pitcher’s mound, it was a do or die moment,” Scott says. “Going into the 2003 season, I had just gone through a pretty testing year—injuries and just not performing well. I remember coming to the realization that maybe I was at the end of my rope. I think it was at that time that God really spoke to me and said, ‘When are you going to stop trying and start trusting?’”


With thoughts of retirement on his mind, how did Scott face this thought? Hear the whole story when you get started with The Increase’s 21-Day YouVersion Devotional.


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