A Different Picture - Jack Easterby

I was never in the NFL. I didn’t even play football. It all started with a burden Jesus put on my heart to be a generation breaker, helping others conquer sins through an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus. This is my passion, this is my calling.


I was a basketball player, studying Sports Management in college. After that, I went to work for the Jaguars in their salary-cap management department, but what I really wanted to do was to be a basketball coach or get into administration at the college level. I soon got a job at the University of South Carolina as an Academic Counselor helping in study hall. Our basketball team at that time had nine guys on it with no fathers, as well as many guys who had children of their own already (some with more than one child). God was burning in my heart the need to walk with these guys. They had the potential to become generational leaders—to set apart their past from their future and make a difference—and I wanted to help them get to that place.


It started with a Bible study in my home for the basketball team, then it moved to a Monday night study for all athletes on campus, which then led me to chaplaincy. When some of these athletes went on to play professionally I found myself speaking to Olympic pros, other sports teams, and then on to seminary.


Some of these athletes went on to play for the Chiefs, so I found myself in Kansas City for three years as their chaplain and then moved on to New England where I’ve been the chaplain for the Patriots for the last five years.

I didn’t picture myself a chaplain. It wasn’t my long-term goal, but it was what the Lord wanted. The Holy Spirit continued to point me in the direction of walking with Him and being a champion of His truth, against any will that I had of my own. I’m fortunate and thankful that He’s continued to work in spite of me for His glory.


“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good pleasure.” —Philippians 2:13


There are only two things in life that are and remain true: God’s character—who He is—and His Word. As we navigate life on any level, whether we’re trying to decide who to marry, what to give to ministry, what job to take, who to vote for, where to live, etc…everything needs to be put through the filter of God’s character and His Word. There are times when we try to hold tightly onto the things that we have been blessed with, but these things, even if they are good things, do not stand up. The more opportunity you give yourself to trust other things or people besides God, the more they will fail you. If we do not cling to God’s character and what He tells us in His Word, we will find ourselves fearful and blinded to who God really is.


By stepping outside of what I thought was best for me and trusting God’s plan for my life, I have found increasing joy and purpose for His glory. What is God pressing on your heart to do for Him?


—Jack Easterby, Chaplain for the New England Patriots


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