A Glimpse of Jesus - Demario Davis

There are certain people who always seem to have their minds fixed on eternity. These people show me a glimpse of Jesus. They inspire me to become more eternally-focused myself. 

My wife, Tamela, is one of these people. There’s no one I know better and no one I know who is more focused on the things of God. Her obedience causes me to frequently ask myself, “What more is God calling me to do?” She has a healthy fear of the Lord, which is paired with a deep love and appreciation for Him. She has a clear understanding of the fact that God calls us to first have a solid relationship with Him. Tamela does not play the comparison game; instead her focus is on what God says and calls her to do. She has been able to deafen the noise of the world by drawing so near to God that His voice is the loudest in her life.

Tamela doesn’t like to be in the limelight. She’ll only come out from behind the scenes when needed, but if it’s needed, she will step out. Recently, she took a step of faith and started a blog. This required her to be totally surrendered in obedience to God about what she felt He was calling her to do. We often see people doing things for the purpose of being seen, but Tamela doesn’t want to be seen. She didn’t want to be heard until she realized she had a message others need to hear.

Since starting her blog, The F Word, Tamela has had many women ask specific details about her faith journey, request advice on how to grow spiritually, and also encourage her to keep boldly sharing to reach others. While she takes no credit for all God is doing in this space, she has expressed how grateful she is to be used as a vessel for the Lord. 

This blog is bigger than any words she could ever write or any experiences she’s ever had. It’s about seeing God in both the grand things and the small. It’s about knowing that He sees us all and desires to have us all live eternally with Him. She simply wants to present Christ to the world in a way that enables them to be able to grasp how sweet He is, how much He cares, and the truth that this world is only temporarily our home, and what we do here determines our eternity. 

Tamela’s story of faith and obedience reminds me of someone else’s story of faith outweighing doubt. In the book of Exodus, God chose Moses to lead His people, but Moses was insecure in his ability to do so — so much so that he asked God to send someone else. He questioned why God appointed him for the task laid before him. Tamela had similar fears and doubts when she felt the Lord leading her to start a blog, but her faith in God and trust in Him for the end goal He has was greater than her fear. When she stepped out in obedience, we were soon able to see the fruit that God had in store. 

As Tamela began to publicly share the ways in which God had worked in and through her in the areas of parenting, marriage and life as an NFL wife, she started hearing story after story from women who were impacted by her written words. Because of her obedience, even when she couldn’t see the whole story, she was able to connect the love of God for others in a real way. 

Tamela was reminded, as was I, that doing good for the Kingdom is so much more than our own agenda, and worth every bit of the sacrifice of our temporary comfort. 

— Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints linebacker

Demario Davis is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Demario’s Increase profile: http://theincrease.com/author/demario-davis/   

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