A Hope that Does Not Disappoint - Luke Weaver

Hope is the desire for something to happen. When I was a kid, I hoped to be the greatest baseball player of all time. I really wanted to be able to do something that I loved — to play a game that brought me so much joy. On a quest to fulfill my dream, I didn’t think about all the other things that may go along with this reality. My hope to be the best drove me to work hard. 

As I became a pro baseball player, that hope changed to something a little deeper. Now I hope that I am able to impact those who watch me play baseball, that my journey brings them hope to be able to fulfill their dream as well. But even more so, I hope that I can impact people on and off the field with the love and truth of Christ. I hope to elevate the Kingdom of God and bring awareness of the Gospel through the way I live my life. That is why I play this game.

The hope of Christ is far stronger and more reliable than any other hope we may have in this life. Those who trust in God know that He will not allow us to fail. The light will never be blown out on our dream of being united with Him. Our journey in this life may not always be easy, but we have Someone who is guiding and leading us every step of the way. The hope we have in Him will not leave us empty. 

 The hopes of this world lead us through highs and lows; the hope of Christ is sure and stable. God is our rock-solid surety in a world of uncertainty. When we set our hope in Him, we feel the presence of His unconditional and unending love. As His child, I know that at the end of the day, no matter if it was my best or worst day on the field, I played for the glory of God, in hopes that by example, I may have brought others to the same hope. 

Without Christ in my life, the trials of life, and all the failures that come with a career in baseball, would seem insurmountable. I’ve watched many men in this profession on an infinite search for identity, which is never found outside of Christ. For many, this search ruins relationships as well as takes away their love for other things. When the game is over, they are lost. This is a one-dimensional perspective that leaves them disillusioned. But it’s hard to see in the moment; it’s easy to get wrapped up in the pursuit of something, whatever that something may be, that you’re hopeful for. Personally, I’m thankful that every day, no matter how well I do, my path is planned by God. It is a narrow path, but I have a Guide who will never leave me. 

The first week of Advent focuses on hope, which leads to peace, joy and love. In my opinion, these are a package deal. If you have hope in Christ, He will fill you with a peace, which then brings you joy, which causes you to overflow with His love. The Holy Spirit interconnects these aspects of Himself in our hearts so we may reflect the glory of God. When you give yourself to God, you become filled with Christ. All of who He is becomes embodied in you. None of this depends on your credentials. That’s the hope — the solid truth — that Christ offers us. 

— Luke Weaver, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher

Luke Weaver is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Luke’s Increase profile here.

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