A Moment to Remember - Tress Way

This past season marked a moment in my career that I’ll never forget. One day during pregame, my wife brought our twins down to me on the field. In uniform, on the field, I was able to hold my babies in my arms and kiss them before I took the field. This moment, which we captured on camera, will forever stick in my memory. When I got back to my team, Colt McCoy smiled at me and said, “What a blessing, your kids get to see you play in an NFL game.” And I hope our future kids — Lord willing — will get to as well.


This season was different for me in the sense that I was not only leaving my wife at home when I’d have to travel for games, I also had to leave our baby girl and boy. My wife was great at sending me photos and videos every day, whether I was at practice, meetings or away for games, so that I wouldn’t miss things like their first smiles, giggles or other major events.


I strive to be the man and father God’s called me to be. One of my favorite YouVersion Bible plans is called, “Man Up.” This plan focuses on the four major areas of a man’s life — Christ, family, work and community. One of the short devos talks about how to treat your wife and family.


Our culture often jokes about men being lazy — relaxing on recliners and watching television while the wife does all the work. But God does not call us to be men like these. What an incredible feeling it is to be able to go home after work and help your family! When you then lay down in bed at night, you are exhausted from giving your all in every area of life. When I first read this devotional, I made it my mission to be this sort of man. I’m not perfect, but I am to cook and clean whenever I can so my wife never wakes up to a messy kitchen or a sink full of dirty baby bottles. This is a small but tangible “thank you” I can offer her and our family.


Many might think having twins would be a distraction for my game, but quite the opposite is true. They are 100 percent motivation for me! Yes, I hate leaving my wife and kids when I travel for games, but I’m thankful I have a wife who never gripes or complains about my job. As soon as I see those smiles, those faces watching me, I find more motivation to play hard.


There’s an unspoken level of respect among dads in the NFL. We get it. When I come to early morning workouts at 6:30 a.m., having had no more than three hours of broken sleep, the other dads get it. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Those miracles I can hold in my arms make me proud to be in the dad club.


— Tress Way, Washington Redskins punter


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