A Worldwide View - Demario Davis

God is increasing my territory and expanding my platform. Throughout my NFL career I’ve had a heart to share the Gospel, but I know now that God is stretching me to go broader, to go further — not only throughout our country, but into the nations — and it’s all on behalf of Him. I want to be able to share the love and message of Jesus Christ with everyone I can. 

Just what does love look like around the world? God is a loving God, but He is also a just God. In our world, we often don’t see these two going hand in hand, but they do. In fact, justice and love are one and the same; there can’t be one without the other. In the same way, sharing the Gospel message and working for social justice is one and the same. You can’t say you love God if you don’t care about the needs of His people. You can’t preach only the just side of God without sharing how incredibly loving He is.

God’s greatest commandment to us is for us to love Him and love others. I know God wants to use me in this arena. What that tangibly looks like, I’m not entirely sure, but I know I can share with people who God is and why He came down from Heaven to die on the cross for our sins. I want to help people understand the deeper doctrines and truths of God’s Word. It’s so important for us to truly grasp who our God is!

We never fully know how God wants to use us or how He’s going to do it, but I only know He wants me to be ready and willing, not only on the field, but off of it too. I try to be faithful to wherever He calls me.

I don’t know if God will send me overseas or not, but I do know that God is concerned about His name going forth throughout the nations, and therefore, so am I. So as I tune into the heart of God more, and come alongside missionaries and organizations that are reaching the world with the Gospel, I’m grasping a better view of what it looks like to have a heart for the nations. The more I process God’s perspective, the more He’s cultivating a worldwide view for me as well. 

— Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints linebacker

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