Above and Beyond - Tiffany Clutts

We had an opportunity to talk with Tiffany Clutts about how she sees the love of the Heavenly Father through her husband, Tyler. Here’s what she shared:


It’s an incredible blessing for me to have Tyler as a husband and father to our children. He works hard all day, always coming home to me and the kids to give us every part of the rest of his day. He doesn’t try to spend time by himself or surround himself with distractions or entertainment, he asks me how he can help and plays with the kids—we are his priority. Even when he’s working on the house or a new woodworking project, he brings our two-year-old son alongside him with his own mini tool box, just so that Luca can be with and learn from his daddy.


Tyler does more than just work and provide for us, he does everything he can to serve us and be a part of our everyday lives. He shows us the sacrificial love of Christ on a daily basis. Whether he is helping me with the dishes, playing with the kids, or reading morning or nighttime devotionals to us all, he is such a servant leader.


I see that Tyler learned a lot from his father growing up. Tyler’s dad always washed the dishes for his wife, Tyler does the same for me every night. I see a lot of Tyler’s dad in him; I’m thankful that he is always learning and seeking how to be the best husband and father that he can be for our family. My friends even see that and are amazed at the influence and love that Tyler has for me and our kids. I am so blessed to have him in my life. When we are together, it’s not about what his duties are as a dad and what my responsibilities are as a mom, instead we are a team and we can serve and love our kids together.

Tyler Clutts and Kids

As I see Tyler exceed so much in his role as a dad, I’m challenged to be a better mom. I want to be his better half in the same way that he is mine. The reason that he shines so much in all aspects of his life is that he really seeks to bring glory to God. As I see and experience that in his life, it causes me to want to shine God’s love more in my life as well.


“We love because He first loved us.” -1 John 4:19


We always have fun when we can have day trips, bike rides, or trips to the park as a family but my favorite time that we have is our night times. I love this time in our house because no matter what we do each day or where we are, we always have this time together. We have a ritual where we go into bed with the kids, sing songs, we do devotionals, and we pray together. Usually Tyler gets in trouble because he ends up wrestling with them, throwing them on the beds and goofing off. But this is my favorite time because in these moments we can be real, silly, and authentic. The kids get to tell Daddy about the great things they did during the day and we reflect on God’s goodness in our lives. It’s a moment that we look forward to each day, and we never miss out on it.


More than a great dad for our kids, Tyler is the shoulder for me to cry on, the person who always listens, and he is also the person to tell me when I’m wrong. He’s always there to challenge and comfort me and the kids; he is everything earthly for me that I could ever pray and hope for. Sometimes this makes it hard for me to come to God for my needs because it’s seems easier to go to Tyler, but he always points me towards the One who is completely in control and loves us even more than he can—our Heavenly Father. The only reason that I am blessed to have Tyler in my life is because of the provision and love of our Heavenly Father.


-Tiffany Clutts


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