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Luke Weaver

Luke Weaver is a professional pitcher currently playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What effect does your faith have on your lifestyle?

My faith plays a giant role in my life. From the time I wake up each day to the time I go to sleep each night, I want everything I do to reflect Christ. I try to take what I learn from the Bible and apply it to my life so I can be a better person. This is a constant and yet fun challenge — one I aim to get better and better at conquering.

Describe how your Journey with Christ began.

At a young age I would attend church regularly with my family. Growing up in a Christian atmosphere, I would go to Sunday school each week but I never really knew what it meant to follow Christ. In high school I joined FCA, and though I was a part of it, it wasn’t my passion. It was more of a white noise in the background. During my freshman year at Florida State, I met a great group of guys and coaches who showed me what it meant to live for Christ and the value of having a relationship with Him. The provoked in me a thirst for Christ, which caused me to dive deeper into His Word. As I began to seek Him, my faith grew. Soon I met my wife — my teammate’s sister — who really challenged me to become a man after God’s own heart. I’m so thankful for her and her pursuit of Christ, which continually inspires me. We’re now able to challenge and spur each other on each day.

Who have been the mentors in your life? How did God bring these people into your life?

Early on my parents were extremely influential in my life and faith. I know I can still fall back on them at anytime. The baseball world is unique in the fact that you’re continually meeting new people and spending so much time with them. It can be hard initially to transition to a new environment or new team, but as you get to know people — who they are and what they’re about — you learn a lot. You quickly know the ones who love Jesus by their actions and words. As you do life with each other, you have the opportunity to touch their lives and to be touched by theirs. Here in St. Louis, I’ve grown close to Adam Wainwright and Zach Duke, veterans on the team who do a great job of sharing wisdom and experience with others. Whether it’s a matter of baseball or of walking with Christ, these men always have great advice to offer.

What does the Increase of Christ mean to you?

The word humble comes to mind. Especially in the baseball world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own success or the success of your team. You focus on results, stats, wins and losses; you focus on increasing yourself. But we need to take a step back and evaluate what’s important and why we’re here. We need to push the attention off ourselves and onto Him. When we set our focus on Him, we can have a peace and purpose that’s much greater. Regardless of what’s going on in our careers, marriages or friendships, even when we don’t know why or how a situation happens, we can trust in the One who makes it happen and will see us through. Focusing on increasing Christ in your life makes you grounded, secure and intent on something much greater.

What is your life verse and why?

“But Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” — Matthew 19:26 (ESV) This verse has always meant a lot to me. It’s simple, sweet and really hits home.

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