Be Still in Times of Change - Matthew Boyd

As followers of Christ, we need to be in a constant state of growth. If we are at all complacent or stagnant in our life, God is calling us to more. In Romans 12:2, Paul tells us we need to renew our minds in order to experience transformation in Christ. This season, God has been pressing this on my heart in a whole new way. 

It’s tough when you see a lot of trades happening on and around your team; you begin to wonder if you are next. Losing guys like Shawn Green and Nick Castellanos was not easy; I don’t like losing my buddies to other teams. But with this loss comes a great opportunity for a whole new level of maturing for the rest of the guys on the team. When you lose leaders like these two, the rest of the guys have to step up to fill in the gaps. Since they were traded, I have seen guys grow a lot, as well as new rookies come up. It’s exciting! Instead of dwelling in disappointment, we have the chance to mature and grow in ways we otherwise might not have chosen to. 

“Be still and know…”

This has been God’s message to me during this season. Relevant in so many ways, this verse from Psalm 46:10 has been my strength through the ups and downs of the game, as well as my comfort as I watch from afar as my wife prepares for the coming our second baby. This verse takes on a whole new meaning from the first time I read it years ago. I know God is blazing the trail for me, my family and my team. I don’t have to worry where I’m going because I can trust God’s plan is best. 

Worrying is not going to provide any relief for my wife or 2-year-old daughter back at home. Trusting God and knowing they are in His hands can be hard, but I know until the time comes for me to be back with them, that’s all I can do. In the meantime, I’m diving into prayer and being centered in Christ, preparing to help them in any way I can. Worrying is not going to help my team adjust to the changes made on our roster; instead it would distract me from being the best player I can be.

The way of Christ doesn’t make sense to the rest of the world. When we pray and choose to follow what God is calling us to do, it may seem like foolishness to those around us. These are not light decisions to make, but when we do choose to follow His lead, we can experience a peace and a stillness, knowing we’re right where we’re supposed to be. 

God’s grace is perfected right here, right now. It’s not perfected tomorrow, nor is it perfected yesterday. We’re not supposed to dwell on the past; we can’t do anything to change it! And there are too many worries today for us to think about what may come tomorrow. We can choose to live in fear or failure, or we can choose to renew our minds daily — to be planted where we are and thrive where God brings us to in that moment. 

— Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers pitcher

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