Begin Again - Trey Burton

God’s grace is never-ending; it’s massive. Without the grace of God, we wouldn’t be here — any of us! This aspect of God’s nature really shows you His whole character. Every day we wake up and are greeted by God’s grace we are reminded of who He is.

The daily gift of God’s grace challenges me as a parent. I want to show my kids the same grace my Heavenly Father shows me. Though I usually like to move quickly, my kids move a lot slower. I’m constantly challenged to show them grace as they need help brushing their teeth or flushing the toilet. But then when I do, I stop and think about how God is so patient with me in all the areas where I slowly begin to understand more of what He wants me to do. Suddenly, extending grace to my kids is a lot easier.

Understanding God’s grace has changed me from being a selfish person into a grateful person. While I was growing up, and not in a relationship yet, everything seemed to be about me. My time was my own; my choices were my own. When I entered into a relationship with my wife, suddenly that changed. And then when I became a parent, I realized even more so that I come last. My kids, my wife and my marriage are all way more important than myself. God began to work in my life drastically, and He still is molding me into His image.

Extending grace to others, whether that be a teammate, a child, a spouse or yourself, is only difficult if we fail to grasp the measure of God’s grace toward us. Repeat offenders can be more difficult to give grace to, but then I think about how I have disappointed God over and over again throughout my life, and yet He still gives me endless grace.

This past year was the first year I really had an understanding of what it feels like to be in a really good organization. Our quarterback had a phrase he would repeat over and over again: Incipimus iterum, which is Latin for, “Begin again.” I bought in whole-heartedly with his mantra. No matter what happened on the field, whether we won or lost, whether we had a good play or a bad play, we could choose to begin again. It’s a constant renewal of the mind. Every conversation, every play and every day is a new opportunity. How can we forgive someone? Or ourselves? By beginning again. We all need a fresh start each day, and because of God’s grace, we can.

Every day begins with God’s new mercy and new grace. Begin again.

— Trey Burton, NFL tight end

Trey Burton is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Trey’s Increase profile here.

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