Bravery Against Bullying

Ten-year-old cancer survivor Dominic Zaffino has been through more adversity than many people face in a lifetime. After battling both cancer bullying, Dominic has decided to use his platform to be a voice for the voiceless. Bullied at school for his stunted growth, Dominic decided to speak out through an Instagram post, which then went viral.


“You don’t have to be tall to win,” says Dominic. “I could be tall, but God slowed down my growth so that I could be the best person that I could become.”


Dominic found a teammate in this fight in Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus, who spoke out for Dominic through his charity


Brandon reached out to Dominic to partner with him when he saw his brave post and the movement that Dominic had started.


“The maturity he has already at ten years old is unbelievable,” says Brandon.


Dominic continues to have an impact in his community and the world at large through his fight against bullying. He lives out his faith in God and his passion for peace whether in school, on the football field, or at home.


“Everything happens for a reason,” says Dominic. “God put me on this earth to do something very special.”


Watch the full story of how Dominic acted out in courageous faith:——–/d2b4639b-8710-4438-a488-f2c504234109