Breaking the Cycle - Brandon and Michi Marshall

Brandon Marshall is an NFL wide receiver, currently playing for the New York Giants


Both Brandon and Michi Marshall grew up in rough environments. Fighting, drugs, and abuse were all around them, every day.


“Not ever being able to trust a man…” Michi explains, “and not knowing anybody who would be able to protect or provide shaped me. I didn’t know what it was for a man to love a woman. I also didn’t know what it was to love a man because I didn’t see it.”


Likewise, Brandon grew up not knowing what healthy relationships looked like.


“I didn’t know right, but I knew that wasn’t right,” said Brandon.


After Brandon and Michi got married, they were committed to breaking the cycle that had been all they knew. Watch the Marshalls tell their story of finding liberty from what they once knew as “normal.”



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