Panthers’ J.J. Jansen Shares in Football Sunday

This year God has been showing me that my identity is not in football, it’s in Him. It’s kind of funny that in a season where we’ve had so much success as a team—when it would be really easy to get your identity wrapped up in that—that this has been the season that God has been really working in my heart to take my identity out of football. That mindset has allowed me to enjoy this whole experience so much more because I’m not expecting it to be the pinnacle of my life. Instead, it’s an incredible opportunity to play the game that I love with this awesome group of guys.


So often in football you get to the game and only one team finishes the way that they want to. But I’ve been shown how to enjoy the whole journey as a blessing, taking each moment as it comes.


Winning the NFC championship game last week, our memories are full of big bear hugs (that you typically never get from other men) after the game, celebrating that we just accomplished something great together, and getting excited for what we are now headed to do. It’s those moments that I will never forget. I get to enjoy my identity as a child of God through the relationship with my teammates.


I know that God has put me in this position for a specific reason; sometimes I know what that reason is and other times I don’t. I know that I’ll be playing football for exactly how long God wants me to.


“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” -—Proverbs 16:9


God is constant for me. Although sometimes it’s harder for me to see it than at other times. But He is always constant—whether that’s in my marriage, my role as a father to my kids, or in the game of football. He will never change.


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