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In this season of transition, God is teaching me, or forcing me, to be OK with who I am and where we’re not. He’s forcing me to be OK with transition. That’s a recurring theme in my life, whether it’s last year’s transition to New Orleans or this year’s transition out of the game.


In the NFL, there are always transitions — from one team to another, to one city or another, transitions with new teammates, etc. But this one’s going to be different because it’s something totally different from what I’ve done for a very long time. I’m used to being in pain, I know what it feels like. I’m used to the grind and the ups and downs of the game. I know the politics of football and the atmosphere of the locker room. I have a deep foundation in this game; it’s been my occupation for a long time. And now I’m stepping away from it and into the unknown.


God has always been so faithful to me and my family. So now, like any other offseason I’ve experienced, this is an exercise in trusting, listening and obeying Him. I have to be willing to do something totally different from what I thought my life would look like. I have to be willing to trust Him completely.


I’ve gotten a lot better at this over the years. In the beginning, I did not handle transition well. I still don’t handle it that well, but I’m trying. I used to become very short-tempered when free agency rolled around; you didn’t want to be near me. Every time we’d go through a transition, my relationships with others, especially my wife, would be strained. Now, though we know it’s still going to be hard, we are ready for retirement. I need to check my pride and selfishness, which ultimately stems from my fear. Fear is what leads me to act in this way.


So now, I can choose to fear the unknown. I can choose to fear the upcoming birth of our identical twin boys. I can choose to fear what I can’t control. Or I can choose to trust and obey. This is a big transition, but as long as I continually feed myself on the Word of God, I can trust what He says He will do.


— Benjamin Watson, former NFL tight end


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