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Our season is officially in full swing now! I’m really excited for this season, to go out and compete with our team. During this year’s spring training, I was out there trying to compete for a position on the team — just like last year. But one of my prayers this time around was that I would truly be able to be present in the moment, that the Lord would show me, with His confidence, the man He intends me to be. Because of this prayer, this year’s spring training was different.


Last year I had a great spring training performance, but it was completely exhausting. At the end of each day I would sit there and fret about how I performed on the field and how I interacted with my teammates. Every little thing that might affect my chances to make the team brought me worry. This year, I was safe from anxiety. I had a peace the whole time because I was resting in the knowledge that His grace is perfected right now. I don’t have to think about tomorrow. In Matthew 6:34 Jesus tells us, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”


Sometimes you forget the prayers you’ve prayed in the past, but I try not to. Right now my wife and I have sticky notes all over our mirror of things we are praying for: people who are sick, safety for travel, ect. When a prayer is answered, we write it down on our poster board along with the date. Recently I saw that prayer of mine on the mirror and realized it was time to write it down. God had answered my prayer, truly filling me up.


I feel comfortable being the person God has made me to be, without worrying about judgment. This mindset has also carried over and affected my pitching game. I feel prepared for the season, more than I ever have before! No matter where God takes me next, I’m grateful for where I am today and how He’s prepared me for the task at hand. His grace is sufficient and it’s washed away all my anxieties.


I’m really excited for our team this year. Everyone has seemed to write us off, but we have guys in our locker room who are hungry. We have guys who are going to give it all we got every single day. We’re a close knit group that is willing to fight for the guy on either side.


We also have an awesome coaching staff that wants us to excel and get better every day. And even in the short two months of spring training we’ve seen that happen. They get the best out of every one of us. I’m excited to compete with these men. It’s a special squad.


— Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers pitcher


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