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While Faith Day was not in existence when I was pitching for the Giants, I’ve been blessed with a few opportunities to be a part of Faith Day events since I’ve hung up my baseball cleats.


Five or so years ago, I was asked to share my testimony during Faith Day at Petco Park with the San Diego Padres. I’ve also been able to go back to the Giants’ field to engage in a Q&A time about my faith for Fellowship Day. While it’s a pleasure and honor to share my faith with the stadium, I am more blessed to see and hear the testimonies of the guys playing today. I love to join thousands of fans as we gather to hear players share where they are in their faith so that we can be encouraged by them.


It’s a powerful thing to see young men who have a very sincere faith use the platform of baseball to share their faith in Jesus Christ. I know that for some of them, getting up in front of people to share their faith is far more terrifying than taking the field each week in front of millions. But as they take this step of faith and tell their story, many are encouraged and challenged to seek Jesus for themselves. It’s very raw, very beautiful, and very human. It’s a time for the stadium to see that these athletes are real people with real stories.


My wife and I always try to make it to Fellowship Day. This year we are excited to go to AT&T Park for this event with a group of couples, with the hope that each one of these couples will be encouraged as well.


Bobby Evans, the GM for the Giants and a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, always makes sure to put on a great day of faith and fellowship each year for the Giants’ fans and players. When you have someone higher up in the organization making this happen, it becomes a really powerful and effective ministry opportunity. The Giants also have a really strong group of Christian men who love to participate in this.


I think that setting aside a day to allow players to proclaim and celebrate their faith in Jesus Christ is really important. It’s not only impactful for the fans, but also for those players who have the chance to share their faith on this unique platform. These athletes get to share the love of God that they’ve experienced in their own lives with many others in a hurting world.


In today’s game there is a lot more respect for the Christian athlete. There’s also a stronger, larger group of young men who are participating in Baseball Chapel and actively engaging in their faith. From someone who has been a part of MLB’s Baseball Chapel for many years, and been on the board for three years, it’s so encouraging to see these young men step up for their faith. It’s a powerful thing to watch faith be displayed on the baseball field.


—Dave Dravecky


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