Football Sunday 2016 Will Air on February 7th

Football Sunday is a free resource produced by Pro Athletes Outreach and The Increase. Sponsored by, and starring some of football’s biggest stars, this sermon-replacement video tells their stories of the decrease of self and the increase of Christ (John 3:30) and offers a powerful community outreach tool tying in with the big game. On the day when even casual football fans are caught up in the excitement, we hope churches will use the event to encourage their congregations to bring friends, co-workers, and family members who are perhaps far from God.

In the video, the audience will hear from Future Hall Of Fame quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints about a time when God grew his faith through a story that recalls the choice God set before Jonah. (Mindful of Jonah’s outcome, Drew chose smarter, though not without trepidation.) They’ll hear from 2015 Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award winner Thomas Davis of the Carolina Panthers about how God showed up in the midst of a health scare that is completely relatable to all people, not just pro athletes. ESPN host and Super Bowl winning Champion Trent Dilfer shares his story of turning to Christ amidst tremendous loss when his young son suddenly passed away. Finally, players on both Super Bowl 50 teams will share stories about who God is showing Himself to be in their lives and what God has done in them and through them.

Produced with great care and integrity by a filmmaking team that includes storytellers, career pastors, writers, and lifelong lay ministers, Football Sunday is a way to use the Super Bowl to drive outreach and exposure to those far from God. In 2015, over 1200 churches participated and countless hands were raised for Jesus.

It is our hope that churches, home groups and many more around the World will raise their hands to participate and join Drew Brees, Thomas Davis, Trent Dilfer and players in football’s biggest game in our effort to bring glory to Christ on football’s biggest day. Visit Football Sunday for more information and to see how your church can participate in 2016!