Freely Received, Freely Given - Trey Burton

In Matthew 10, Jesus talks about the calling He has for His disciples and the authority He’s given them over the things of this world. He charges His men with claiming the power of the Holy Spirit to act in faith by driving out unclean spirits and healing diseases and sickness. He tells them that as they go and preach, they are to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. They had freely received and now they were being told to freely give. 

This is the same power God has given us! 

God’s power is at work in us and it’s working through us to accomplish His work here on earth. We didn’t do anything to receive the grace, healing and mercy of God, but we are told to extend this same love to others. We are working as His instruments on earth to proclaim His power and goodness, and we are to do this with boldness.

It’s not easy for me right now to be heavily involved on my team because I’ve been held up in recovery from last season’s injury. While the guys are meeting for Bible study before practice, I’m in the physical therapy gym undergoing treatment. I haven’t been able to be very present in these times, so I have learned to be really intentional with the time I have. Right now I’m stuck being the outside guy looking in, but in that role I can be the one asking the questions: “What are you learning in Bible study? What did you all talk about? What are the prayer requests I can be lifting up?”

In a way, this has been a blessing in disguise — being away from family and teammates. I’ve had a lot of time to myself that I can devote to prayer and reading God’s Word. I’m choosing not to waste this time, but block out time to pray for others individually. I can pray for my wife, my kids and the guys on the team who are both inside and outside my immediate circle. 

This is what God is calling me to do for this season as I seek to make disciples of Christ. It may not be what I expected or saw myself doing, but it’s something I can do to see God’s will be done. 

— Trey Burton, Chicago Bears tight end

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