God is More - Nate Augspurger

“Can anyone teach knowledge to God, since He judges even the highest?” — Job 21:22

Recently I’ve been reading through the book of Job and I’ve been amazed by the ways in which I could relate to, and learn from, this character and all his humanness. This book explains how we cannot always understand what our Heavenly Father has planned for us. When we read Job’s story in the Bible, we know why Job endures all that he does, because God had a plan to prove Satan wrong. He was set to show the world that one of His most upright and righteous people would not curse the Lord’s name, no matter what he was faced with. But Job didn’t know that. 

Job exhibited all of his humanly ways in this book. His suffering is great, he spews out venom, he vents his frustration, he reveals his anger, and he speaks nonsense to his close friends. He thought his innocence and upright behavior was going to prevent evil from ever coming to his doorstep, but he soon finds that’s not the case. 

Yet it’s not Job’s innocence that ultimately proves to Satan that one of God’s people wasn’t going to curse God. It was his righteousness through affliction that proved Job’s faith in the Almighty. Yes, Job experienced a whirlwind of frustrations and emotions. Questions of “why me?” plagued him. He was watching unrighteous men around him prosper; those who were wicked seemed to experience blessings. Multiple times in the book Job says, “I am not inferior to you” (Job 13:2 and 12:3) while speaking to his friends. The feeling of being inferior to those around you, even the ones you love, is very human. Both in sport, in comparison to teammates or opponents, as well as in other relationships at work or in your family, this is something most of us struggle with. It took a whole chapter for Job to express himself before God intervened and spoke to Him. 

By not cursing the Lord and maintaining his righteousness before Him, Job was blessed 10 times more than he was before his affliction. God did not forget His faithful one and rewarded him for his obedience. 

Being on a righteous path to get what you desire is better than having what you want and acquiring it through sin. When you don’t have it, you have hope. When you do have it, you have it after maintaining your faith and righteousness before the ultimate Judge. And that is better than you ever could imagine! 

The truth is, none of us deserve blessings in this life, but when we experience good things from God, it just shows us how great our God is. That’s what I felt like when I married my wife — it was overwhelmingly the best thing I’d ever known! God’s grace is so good, when most of the time, what we actually deserve is a heavy hand from Him. He delights in giving us good things. 

A righteous path takes acceptance of all our human ways — the pain, suffering, failure, frustration, mistakes, help, love, strength, faith, confidence. God’s grace doesn’t come because you’re innocent and deserve it, it comes because you recognize you are less and God is more. He is enough, and whatever we receive on top of that is an extra blessing. 

— Nate Augspurger, USA Rugby and San Diego Legion player

Nate Augspurger is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing monthly articles and opinions. Check out Nate’s Increase profile: https://theincrease.com/author/nate-augspurger/ 

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