God’s Promise Amidst Uncertainty - Josh Vaughan

NFL running back Josh Vaughan has had a football in his hands since he was two years old. His drive to be on the field, playing his hardest to win, goes back almost that far too. Weekly church attendance with his family is something else he remembers as a constant from the time he was small, but placing his trust in Jesus as his savior came much more recently.


“During one meeting,” remembers Josh, “my pastor asked if people knew that they were going to Heaven, if people had assurance of their salvation, and I couldn’t answer that question.”


That day, in October 2009, Josh gave his life to the Lord, gaining full assurance of his salvation in Christ.


“I’ve been following Him ever since,” he says.


In 2010, Josh’s contract with Carolina was not renewed and his future in the NFL was uncertain; he even started to contemplate other career paths. But then something unexpected happened.


“I was praying one night,” says Josh. “It was three o’clock in the morning when the Lord told me to pack my bags. The very next day I got a call from Carolina telling me I had a workout.”


Josh’s journey in football did not prove easy; he bounced around from Tampa Bay to Jacksonville to Carolina to Indianapolis to Buffalo back to Carolina and also to Atlanta. All the uncertainty took its toll on Josh.


“Not playing and bouncing around from team to team and having wife of only a couple months….How am I going to be the man of my family when I can’t keep a stable job? I just had to continue to trust that the Lord would provide for us.”


Josh and his wife continued to put their trust in God despite the difficult circumstances.


“We desire to make an impact for the Gospel and use our gifts and talents to glorify You,” Josh prayed.


Watch how God used uncertainty in Josh’s life to allow him to trust in Christ more:


“Knowing where God brought me from—” Josh says, “knowing that He placed me in that position…it’s such a blessing to be there.”


“I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” —Psalm 37:25

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