Hands Held High - Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter is a former Major League pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Toronto Blue Jays

Retired starting pitcher Chris Carpenter grew up in a Christian home but soon his desire to live the “baseball life” became his first and only priority.

He was the guy every team wanted to beat. Intimidation was his game, and when he took the mound, batters feared looking him in the eye.

“As I got into professional baseball I lost that,” Chris admits about his faith. “It was about the money, it was about the cars, it was about the fame… but I was never happy.”

In his pursuit of satisfaction, Chris let alcohol take over; extreme guilt and shame then followed. Letting these thoughts and habits control him, Chris found his life spiraling out of control.

When one young, praying rookie joined the team and convinced Chris to join him for a charity golf tournament, Chris was confronted with the Gospel message once again. Convicted but rebelling against the truth, he went out that night and made some bad decisions which brought him to a place where he was lost, alone, and stuck.

Watch what happened Chris held his hands up to God in surrender and asked for help.