He is Moving - Matthew Boyd

The life of baseball is almost never consistent. There are always things to adjust to, aspects that are changing, and lifestyles to adapt to. In the offseason, you adopt a rhythm of working out on your own and pouring into your family more. During the season, it’s go time. After putting any schedule or rhythm on hold for months, it’s been exciting to jump back into playing baseball as a team again. 

I definitely missed being around the guys. We spend so much time around our teammates during the season, I think I almost forgot how much fun we can have just sitting in the locker room talking about nothing. Now that we’re back to it, and even though we’re not encouraged to sit around together, it’s been great to move, get out and play ball together. 

We’re in a different reality right now. We can do almost everything we usually do, we just have to do it with a mask on. In the same way, being a light for Christ is still completely possible in all the same ways it was before the quarantine, it may just look a little different than it did then. It’s important to keep a positive outlook on life — make the most of what we do have and what we can do. Use every avenue you can to dive deeper into relationships and goals. 

During the quarantine period, I loved having endless time with my family. I was able to be with my wife and kids all day long, eating three meals a day together, and being creative with spontaneity. We never knew what a new day would hold; it was refreshing. Seeing the joy in our kids’ faces as we acted spontaneously was priceless.

With all the unknowns that make up our reality right now, God is teaching me to trust Him more. There are a lot of things we can pray about and hope for, but in that, we can easily fall into a habit of striving for more. Instead of striving, we are called to trust God — to be still and know that He is God. He is moving, He may just make His move in timing that’s different from what we hope. It’s not a matter of if God will move, just when.

I’ve been faced with the question, “Am I fully submitting to God’s will — His timing and His plan?” I want to not only trust God in the process, but to allow His Spirit to shape me and lead me. To do that, I need to hold onto things in this life less tightly.

Be still and know that He is working. Be still and know that He is moving. Trust in His power. 

— Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers pitcher

Matthew Boyd is a regular contributor to The Increase, providing articles and opinions. Check out Matthew’s Increase profile here.

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