Her Family Before Herself

I remember the beginning of my second year at the University of Georgia; I was at a student block party on campus when I saw Kirsten for the first time. There was something so incredibly classy yet sexy about her—something was different about her—that I couldn’t help but notice her. Then as we got to know each other, it was more than just the fact that she was beautiful and smart that I wanted her to be my wife; I could envision her as a great mother because of her commitment to excellence with her love for the Lord. I knew that was what would enable her to be the mom that our future kids would need and a mom and wife that I could be so proud of. And I am; I’m so proud of the mother that she is to our five children today.


Often I sit in amazement of Kirsten—the wife and mother that she is. She is always staying on top of the things she does as a mother, taking care of me and our five children. Whether she is cooking a meal for us, homeschooling the kids, taking someone through violin lessons, taking care of the house, or sharing God’s Word with us, she never stops serving. The list goes on for all the things she does for our children and for me.


Kirsten deals with migraine headaches frequently and they are debilitating when she gets them. The last few years she’s been pregnant, nursing, or both and not able to take any medication to help when one comes on. The patience that she shows in the midst of frustration, no matter how she is feeling, is incredible. I don’t worry at all about my kids because I know that she has their best interest at heart and takes care of all their needs, even above her own. I know that she will discipline them when they need to be disciplined and she will praise them when they need to be praised—she’s an extension of what I would do to raise them.


On this Mother’s Day, I would say I am more than blessed to have Kirsten as my wife and the mother of our children.


—Benjamin Watson


Benjamin Watson is a regular contributor to The Increase and will be providing monthly articles and opinions.


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