His Purpose, His Timing – Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson is an NFL tight end for the Baltimore Ravens.


“We are the clay, You are the potter; we are all the work of Your hand.” —Isaiah 64:8


“God has His own purposes and His own timing, and sometimes it’s different from what our timing is,” says Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson.


Benjamin grew up wanting to be known as one of the greatest football players. As a tight end, he worked hard to make himself stand out in the league.


Throughout his career, Benjamin had always been a starting tight end, but when he signed with New Orleans, he knew that he would only be a back-up.


“As hard as it was to be in that position, my wife kept telling me, ‘Benjamin, you be faithful,’” he remembers.


Knowing that God was in control, Benjamin began his career with New Orleans trusting that God’s plan would be greater than his own. Little did he know how that would play out.


Watch what happened next as Benjamin’s expectations changed as he began to see how God was forming his life: