In Tragedy There's Hope

The Miami Marlins found themselves facing a great tragedy at the end of their 2016 season when they experienced the sudden and unexpected loss of their 24-year-old teammate, Jose Fernández, in a boating accident on September 25th. For pitcher Adam Conley, the weight was heavy.


“The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘What in the world am I going to say to those guys when I get to the field today?’” Adam remembers.


While grieving the loss of a great teammate and friend, Adam knew that he held an eternal hope that needed to be shared with his team. A hope he knew they were all searching for, and they needed to experience it more than ever.


As everyone in the Marlins organization gathered in the clubhouse to process the shock and devastation together, they opened up a time for sharing.


“This was a moment that I was preparing for without knowing that I was preparing for it,” says Adam. “Through fellowship, through studying the Word of God…to speak boldly about the truths and the treasure that I hold.”


Watch Adam share this moment of bold and vulnerable honesty:



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