Increase Awards - Pat Bradley

On the evening of April 14, 2016, 200+ guests gathered under a gorgeous sunset as Pro Athletes Outreach held the 2nd Annual Increase Awards Gala in San Diego, California. Super Bowl champion quarterback and sports personality, Trent Dilfer, hosted the event, and Grammy-winning artist and producer Aaron Lindsey provided musical entertainment. Pro athletes and community leaders gathered together on this night for one purpose:

“Tonight is a night of celebration and inspiration,” said Trent. “We are here to celebrate those who have chosen to live a life of self-decrease so that the power, presence, and purpose of Christ will increase.”

Recognition was given to four very selfless honorees for their life’s service; the International Ministry Award was awarded to Pat Bradley, the founder of Crisis Aid International. This award was presented by record-setting, former MLB pitcher, Mike Timlin.

“Crisis aid was founded in 2000 when Pat witnessed the aftermath of genocide in South Sudan with his own eyes,” said Mike. “He knew right then that doing nothing was not an option for him. He came back to the States and started raising money for people in “no-go zones,” where other humanitarian aid really has a hard time getting to. Starting with just one feeding program, Crisis Aid has grown into a ministry that has changed lives in all kinds of difficult situations. It has actually reached 11 different countries.”

Mike introduced the following video, highlighting the impact that Crisis Aid has on the lives of countless of individuals across the world:

As Pat Bradley was welcomed up to the stage to receive his award, he humbly redirected the attention to the work that Christ has done and is doing through this incredible ministry.

“The donation that PAO gave last year that helped us feed some starving children,” he began, “and I’m not exaggerating, they would have died if you had not provided that. In fact, the very last girl you saw in that video—the one wearing the green jumpsuit—she was one of the girls that you helped feed so PAO, thank you. You saved that girl’s life.”

“It’s very humbling; I don’t know what to say but thank you. God bless you guys,” Pat continued as he addressed the Increase ministry, “You are making a difference in what you are doing through The Increase and your witness for Christ. God looks down on that and smiles. I want to encourage you that what you are doing is making a difference in peoples’ lives. Never doubt that God is using you where you are because He is.”

“Thank you for this,” Pat finished with joy in his voice.