Increase Awards - Tom Jensen

On the evening of April 14, 2016, 200+ guests gathered under a gorgeous sunset as Pro Athletes Outreach held the 2nd Annual Increase Awards Gala in San Diego, California. Super Bowl champion quarterback and sports personality, Trent Dilfer, hosted the event, and Grammy-winning artist and producer Aaron Lindsey provided musical entertainment. Pro athletes and community leaders gathered together on this night for one purpose:


“Tonight is a night of celebration and inspiration,” said Trent. “We are here to celebrate those who have chosen to live a life of self-decrease so that the power, presence, and purpose of Christ will increase.”


Recognition was given to four very selfless honorees for their life’s service; one of them was Tom Jensen.


“Our first Increase Awards recipient has spent his entire life prioritizing God and others,” Trent began. “As a young husband he concluded his promising law and political career to care for his beloved wife as she battled severe health issues. He was the dad at every game and the guy quietly serving behind the scenes at his church and on mission trips. As a business owner of multiple real estate properties, he was always cutting a struggling tenant a break when they were going through difficult times. One of his properties had a sandwich shop that he used to feed the homeless from.


“He gave a young man, Carlos, fresh out of prison, a job on one of his projects ultimately promoting him to project manager. Carlos was amazed when our honoree entrusted him with a blank check to purchase construction supplies. Today Carlos and his wife are staff members at the Rock Church—talk about influence.


“Our award winner is a very quiet man, always known for his humility and always looking for the good in others. Recently his doctor estimated he only had a few weeks left to live. But understand, thirteen months ago they only gave him a couple months to live. Yet through a difficult and painful battle with cancer, he has amazed his friends, family, and healthcare workers with his joy, peace, and contentment, anchored in his love for Christ and others.


Our first Increase Award winner is Tom Jensen.”


As the crowd thundered their applause for the life of this selfless man, not a person stayed in their chair, but all rose to their feet in honor of the one man who remained seated in his wheelchair to receive the first award of the night. Not only was Tom given this award, he was given the honor of having this award named after him so that future recipients would know the great honor and standard that was set for being recognized in such a way.


Family and friends, athletes and attendees were all inspired as the award ceremony kicked off honoring one whose true desire is to see the Increase of Christ.


During Trent’s presentation to Tom he pointed to The Increase’s logo behind him, “See that blue arrow? That’s Tom.”


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