Increase Devotional: Seneca Wallace

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Seneca Wallace made history by being the first African-American quarterback to play for the Green Bay Packers. When his journey started, he felt very much alone. Seneca shares how God provided influential men in his life to shape him and point him towards faith in the Heavenly Father despite his lack of an earthly one.


Seneca recalls that his home environment while growing up was harsh. He never knew the love of a father at home.


“My mom and dad separated when I was 11,” Seneca said. “My dad was selling drugs out of a room in the basement… I remember the only way we could communicate to him was through an intercom. We didn’t go fishing, he didn’t help to change a tire on the car, or any of those things.”


In 1998, Seneca was offered a scholarship to Oregon State, but it came at a very difficult time for him.


“That same year,” Seneca remembers painfully, “I had found out that my mom had cancer. I had a little resentment towards God. Like, ‘Why would you allow this to happen to my mom?’”


5 years later, Seneca was drafted into the NFL by the Seattle Seahawks, a team he feels he was placed on for a reason.


“I was there with Matt Hasselbeck, Trent Dilfer, and Jim Zorn,” says Seneca. “They were all very strong believers in God, all in one room. I felt like as I grew as a quarterback, I also grew in my faith.”


These men became strong influences in Seneca’s life, continuing even after his career with the Seahawks.


“When I got to Cleveland, my faith got even stronger…” Seneca remembers with a smile, “with Reggie Hodges and Benjamin Watson; I have never been around that much love and that much faith in my life.”


Psalm 68.5 says, “A Father to the fatherless, a Defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.”


“Whenever I read this passage,” says Seneca, “the words jump out of the page and grab me every time.”


Seneca discovered the love of the Father through his NFL teammates.


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