Increase Week in Review 10/10-10/14

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pro’s from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday we watched St. Louis Cardinals Matt Carpenter tell his story about surrendering his life to Christ:

“When Coach Chatelain shared the news that their football season had been saved, the boys’ eyes lit up and they clapped their hands and cheered. Their renewed hope and excitement spread to their parents as together they experienced the miraculous through the help of many generous donors and a couple of pros who used their platforms to bring added visibility to the team’s need.”


Tuesday NFL fullback Tyler Clutts shared how he is able to show a different side of the professional athlete through a whole new platform:


“Every athlete has a unique journey. It’s fun getting to know who each of these players truly is. I’ve been in the NFL for six years and I’ve never met two people the same. No one has had an easy route; there’s a lot of pressure, expectations, and struggles that each player goes through, but there’s also a lot of joy and passion.”


Wednesday Professional pitcher David Ledbetter shared his struggle and determination to be alert in mind:


“There are so many times when I feel like I am merely going through the motions and neglecting to fix my attention on God. I find myself not talking to Him about what I really want to talk about and, instead of staying focused, I will lose my train of thought and just… ramble.”


Thursday Former MLB pitcher Dave Dravecky and his wife Jan shared how they are finding their personal identities in Christ alone:


“As we mature in Christ, that really is what it’s all about: Being kicked into a new freedom from a false definition of who you really are. We have to die to ourselves before we can come into the new life we have in Christ.”


Friday Former NFL running back Joshua Vaughan reflected on the radical change that he experienced when he chose new life in Christ:


“When I came to know Christ and accept Him as the Savior of my life, that void was filled. After trying to find satisfaction in all the things that my teammates were doing, and then experiencing the fulfillment that I had in Christ, I had no desire to go back to that lifestyle. I knew that my former lifestyle only led to brokenness and pain.”


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