Increase Week in Review 10/24-10/28

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday former NFL player and chaplain Don Davis talked about the desire to Upgrade:


“We are going to experience difficult times in our marriages because the Lord made us different, but what we cannot do is decide to give up and ”trade up” to someone new. Jesus Himself tells us that in this life we will have troubles, but be of good cheer, He has overcome the world!”


Tuesday Former MLB pitcher Scott Linebrink shared about his most recent trip to Cuba and the barriers that were torn down by the simplest of acts:


“The need for safe water is basic for every human. It sustains life and reverses negative health impacts felt by those who have no other choice but to drink bad water. It also has the potential to be the conduit for building relationships and ultimately, sharing the love of Christ with those who seek a reason for hope.”


Wednesday NFL fullback Tyler Clutts shared how he has been called to lead instead of control:


“I don’t need to be in control. But I do need to lead. As men, God calls us to give up control and follow Him. When we follow Him, that’s when we are the best leaders that we can be. I’ve seen this happen in our own household. When I lead my wife and children the fruitfulness of our family is abundant. When I’m controlling, things begin to fall apart. ”


Thursday Professional pitcher Mark Appel shared about letting go of his will and surrendering to God’s:


“You can tell how strong a person’s faith is by the life they live for Christ as well as the effect that their life has on those around them. If you see the fruit of the Spirit laid out in their lives, you can know that person is rooted in Scripture.”


Friday Arizona Diamondbacks Chaplain Brian Hommel shared why we look to the Creator and not the created:


“It’s so critical that we have right thoughts about God, right thoughts about who we are in His eyes, and right thoughts what purpose we have been given in this life. These thoughts are going to affect our feelings, which will then spur us into action.”


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