Increase Week in Review 10/3-10-7

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pro’s from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday we saw hope brought to a community as a middle school football team restored a sense of normalcy to the town:


“When Coach Chatelain shared the news that their football season had been saved, the boys’ eyes lit up and they clapped their hands and cheered. Their renewed hope and excitement spread to their parents as together they experienced the miraculous through the help of many generous donors and a couple of pros who used their platforms to bring added visibility to the team’s need.”


Tuesday Philadelphia Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley taught the truth and healing that comes through the process of being humbled:


“We are all prideful in one way or another and we won’t experience spiritual victory until our pride is exposed and dealt with. It is to Satan’s credit that we have taken the deepest sin and trivialized it. Our biggest problem isn’t that we fail to admit we have pride, but that we fail to take the problem of pride seriously.”


Wednesday Baltimore Orioles home run hitter Chris Davis shared how God used his weakness to bring Him glory:


“When Chris was traded to the Baltimore Orioles in 2011, he began to grow in his faith in Jesus Christ and in his ability to hit the ball out of the park. By 2013, he was leading the League in home runs for the year. But something was hiding underneath all of his success and fame. Something that brought Chris to a point of great humility.”


Thursday St. Louis Cardinals Matt Holliday talked about the challenges of living life on the road:


“It’s crucial for us, as players, to spend time in community with others when the temptations come. Adam and I are in similar places in life—veteran players, with a wife and kids at home—so we know how to be there for each other. It’s a lot better to struggle along with someone else than to struggle by yourself.”


Friday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis shared how God’s been teaching him to stop and wait:


“God has recently pushed me into a state of great dependency on Him. I simply cannot do what I’ve been called to do with my own strength—I’m completely reliant on Him. As a result, my prayer life has grown tremendously. But I don’t want to just talk to God, I want to hear from God. So I stop and wait.”


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