Increase Week in Review 1/16-1/20

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy answered our 5 Increase Questions:

“I hope that the Holy Spirit within me is a reflection of Jesus to all those around me, starting in my home with my family and reaching to everyone I come in contact with. The love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus that I’ve tasted affects every area of my life.”


Tuesday Philadelphia Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley shared the power of choosing to Begin Again:


“Many times our greatest successes and pleasures come after a time of great failure. Why is that? Because we are in a state of humility towards God. When we are humble before Him, we will believe in and rely on Him more.”


Wednesday New York Yankees Matt Holliday reflected on the truths God revealed to him last year and looks forward to new truths to be discovered:


“Reading the whole Bible throughout the past year has had such a positive impact on my spiritual growth that I can’t think of a good reason not to read God’s Word each day this year too so I’m starting right back at the beginning. I’m sure that I missed plenty of truths on my first time through and God promises that His Word never comes back void.”


Thursday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis experienced the perfect gift on Christmas day:


“To have our one win on Christmas Day seemed to be just perfect. As I thought about it, the only thing that matters in this life comes on Christmas and that is Jesus Christ. To have our only win as a team come on Christmas was a great gift. For me it was confirmation that God was telling me not to worry. He was telling me that He has a plan, and although I don’t know what that plan is, I trust Him.”


Friday Cincinnati Bengals Chaplain LaMorris Crawford looked into another one of Jesus’ questions:


“Jesus wanted this message to come across loud and clear: We are to give our all for Jesus. When we do, we will be recognized by our Father in heaven. When Jesus is real to you, when you understand who He is and what He has done, you will want to pour yourself out for His glory too.”


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