Increase Week in Review 1/2-1/6

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday New York Jets running back Matt Forte talked about finding purpose through the pain:


“There always is a purpose in the pain that we go through. God might just allow a painful thing to happen in your life to bring your attention to Him, and then in turn, you can help someone else who might be going through that same thing. ”


Tuesday Minnesota Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson shared how he learned to trust God through the storm:


“About three years ago my daughter Hayden was born. My wife Elizabeth and I were thrilled to welcome her into the world! Leading up to that day, everything was going so well, but on the day of the delivery we were thrown into a storm.


Wednesday Former MLB pitcher Dave Dravecky shared how to find the Way through discovering the truth:


“Finding Jesus through God’s Word is the pathway for us to find freedom and joy in life—this is where we find true fulfillment and satisfaction. We can spend the rest of our lives looking back at the things we’ve done wrong, dwelling on our regrets and past failures, but then we would not be looking towards the Truth. God calls us to get our eyes off of ourselves and seek the peace and presence of Christ.”


Thursday MLB pitcher JJ Hoover shared how his eyes were opened to God’s Great Commission in a whole new way after a trip across the world:


“I wasn’t eager to travel to another country at first, but once I came to terms that it was happening, I gave it all to God and asked Him to teach me what it was that He wanted to teach me. God was present to guide and protect us during this trip but also to show us the needs of those around us. My eyes were opened to the reality of the Great Commission to go and make disciples to all nations.”   


Friday Philadelphia Eagles fullback Trey Burton shared his passion for the game and his determination to play hard no matter what the outcome may be:


“Winning isn’t the only reason that I play this game. I play because I love it; I play because I was created to play this game. I respect this game, I respect the guys I’m playing with and the ones I’m playing against. I only have a certain numbers of years to play this game and I want to take advantage of every moment that I have in the NFL.”


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