Increase Week in Review 12/19-12/23

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Philadelphia Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley shared how we are called to Open the Gift:


“This time of year is the season of great confusion because, from the world’s perspective, we focus on the baby, Santa Claus, Rudolph, and may other things that cause us to lose focus on what Christmas is really about. And even if we do focus on Christ, we use His birth as an excuse for giving and receiving gifts instead of realizing that He Himself was the gift.” 


Tuesday Former MLB outfielder Lance Berkman talked about which memories will last this season:


“We just celebrated Thanksgiving, a time when we can sit back and reflect on the goodness and provision of God, which hopefully has prepared our minds to focus on the birth of Christ. If you’re a believer, this holiday season is a good one-two punch—getting your mind in the right place before you head into the new year.”


Wednesday Read how former MLB outfielder Matt E Diaz sees consumerism At Its Finest:


“For the most part, Thanksgiving has remained true to its name in my life—we take time to give thanks. And a thankful heart results in generosity. I just heard of a local food bank that stopped  accepting turkeys because they have too many! No one gets offended if I say, ‘Happy Thanksgiving,’ and I’ve never had any of my kids complain on Thanksgiving that they didn’t get what they asked for.”


Thursday Former Major League pitcher Dave Dravecky has found joy in anticipation this season:


“This Christmas I want to be patient to wait and prepare for the birth of Christ. Whether that means not going to every party or deciding to do my Christmas shopping online, I don’t want to waste any more time that I could be focusing on Christ’s coming…This time of year is very special and we celebrate it for a reason and that reason is to receive the gift of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”


Friday MLB left fielder Matt Holliday shared how he’s been recognizing the power of love around him:


“Ending a chapter in my life with the Cardinals has allowed me to recognize the love that I have for the guys who I’ve been sharing life with for the past seven years. As I’ve been able to share my feelings with them and express how much they really mean to me, I’ve realized that these relationships have changed my life.”  


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