Increase Week in Review 1/23-1/27

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright explained how he is starting off the season, and each day, right:


“I’ve always just tried to squeeze my quiet time in when I could and it always seems to be easier on the road when I have extra time in the hotel room, on a plane, or in a bus. At home, there are always distractions and excuses. It’s easy to just hurry off to school or church and leave it until later or the next day. But I’ve been encouraged to not open my phone before I’ve opened the Word of God and let that truth guide my day.”  


Tuesday St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jaime Garcia shared his story of redemption with us in Spanish!


“I remember going back to my hotel and I completely broke down,” he remembers. “At 18 years old, I was a nobody if I didn’t have baseball.” 


Wednesday NFL fullback Tyler Clutts reflected on how completely dependent we all are on the Father:


“My kids always trust that the next meal will come—that they will be taken care of—so they don’t worry or try to take control. I wish that I was more like that in my relationship with God. I aim to trust God no matter what step is in front of me, knowing that He has equipped me to handle it for His greater purpose.”


Thursday Washington Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy talked about what it’s like to experience the endless love of Christ:


“It was really cool for me to realize that Jesus loved me just as much in that moment as He did when I was hitting those seven home runs. He loves me when I’m at the mountaintop and He loves me when I’m in the valley—there’s not one moment when He is pouring out less of Himself for me.”


Friday Professional pitcher Mark Appel shares the power shown with a Willingness to Forgive:


“The core issue behind an unwillingness to forgive is pride. Forgiveness and justice do not seem to go hand in hand, and in my eyes, they only seem to make sense on the cross.”  


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