Increase Week in Review 12/5-12/9

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pro’s from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Minor League pitcher David Ledbetter talked about what it’s like to be Tossed by the Storm:


“The questions are endless! And if you’re anything like me, trying to answer more than one question at a time is, in itself, stressful. Thankfully, there have been answers to all those questions and there will be answers for all future questions as well. The answers will come from Someone who knows what’s best for me at all times.”


Tuesday Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder shared how he changed his perspective of baseball and chose to use his platform for God’s glory: 


“It got to the point where I loved the game, but I wanted to love God more.”


Wednesday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis shared why he remains a victor even when facing loss:


“However, losing games is not easy. Whenever I am feeling distraught or upset after a game I go to His Word because I know that Christ is still on the throne—He always has been and He always will be. Because of this truth, I know my eternity is set. That is what makes my joy secure.”


Thursday We talked with pitching coach Michael Schlact about how he’s living in the increase of Christ, his faith journey, and the mentors that have impacted his life.


“Every day I try to remind myself that I can never hide from or outrun God. This truth is both terrifying and wonderful because we know that His love and power is so great! It keeps me in reverence of God while continually bringing me to my knees because I know that He loves me despite my mistakes. I take great comfort in the fact that I can never go too far off the map where He will forget me.”


Friday Philadelphia Eagles tight end Trey Burton shared what it’s like to live in community with believers:


“The Bible often speaks about living life in community—we can’t do this alone. My brothers on this team and I are trying to live out the Word of God and be the Church the way it was created to be. We want to have the same experiences that the apostles had back in Acts because we have the same power that they had—the same Spirit lives in us.”


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