Increase Week in Review 1/9-1-13

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Professional pitcher David Ledbetter shared the goals he has for the New Year:


“God wants our time. He wants to know that we are sacrificing our own cravings for a relationship with Him; that we set aside our preferred behaviors and agendas for the sake of growing that relationship.”


Tuesday Former NFL running back Joshua Vaughan talked about how he has seen the power that prayer has in his life. It’s with this power that he seeks to cover his household:


“When don’t go the way we expect, and it isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault, we need to call on God and ask for help. When we have, God has always opened the right doors and provided in ways that we might never have expected.”


Wednesday Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson shared his anticipation for Football Sunday:


“This video will everyone sitting in their church chairs on Sunday that there are men and women in the NFL who are believers. The storyline is about the faith, failures, redemption, and growth of these men and their wives. It’s important for people to see that they go through many of the same struggles that everyone else goes through. We all need to rely on the Lord for our strength.”


Thursday Former MLB pitcher Scott Linebrink talked about the power of finding your everyday, biggest fans:


“These men—the people who are the closest to you—are the ones who hold you accountable and vice versa. They also are the ones who can give you a word of encouragement just when you need it, they know you well enough to speak truth into your life.”


Friday New York Jets running back Matt Forte talked about how he has found truth through the lives of others around him and seeks to give the same gift to others:


“We may be the only Jesus that someone else sees, and that can either be a negative or a positive one so we always have to be on our toes in order to be our best for Christ.”


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