Increase Week in Review 2/13-2/17

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Philadelphia Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley talked about the importance of living in community with others:


“It may be hard to be vulnerable, willing to open up and share your heart with others, but God designed us to be in community with His people. We need this. Don’t turn to other vices to indulge your need for help or acceptance, allow God to bring others into your life to encourage, inspire, and empower you in your faith.”


Tuesday Professional pitcher David Ledbetter talked about the importance of a man’s ezer:


“A helper is an equal. Genesis uses the adjective suitable, meaning “on the same level.” It’s someone you love and respect. And it’s one who comes alongside as a partner in a project, as an ally in a war. We all need that kind of helper. Or put another way, we all need help.”


Wednesday Former Major League first baseman Adam LaRoche shared his passion to be the help for the helpless:

“It’s our mission to help the helpless—to go where no one else wants to go to defend those who can’t defend themselves—whether that be in trafficking or rescuing women and children from abusive situations. We’re not directly going in and preaching the Gospel to these people, but I try to look at every situation through the eyes of Jesus.”  


Thursday Former Major League Baseball outfielder Matt E Diaz shared how to be made beautiful again in the eyes of Christ:


“You see Jesus quite literally put Himself a ‘million miles away’ from where He belonged. He did this so when we get to where we look and feel an impossible distance from God, we can get back in a single look to the cross.”


Friday Chicago Bears cornerback Brandon Boykin shared his hopes for the coming season:


“I’m going into the 2017 with a different perspective. I see now just how powerful the platform is for an NFL athlete so as I enter back into the game I want to really utilize this opportunity to share the Gospel and impact people with the faith God has given me.”  


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