Increase Week in Review - 2/20-2/24

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright explained how deeper friendships result in deeper faith:


“Christian community is extremely important for anyone’s faith. If someone really wants to grow in the Word they will surround themselves with accountability partners who they are around a lot.”


Tuesday Cincinnati Bengals Chaplain LaMorris Crawford explained what will happen when we have the Courage to Come in response to the Word of God:


“Light at your feet helps you see with clarity where not to step and the light on the path reveals what is ahead of you. When light is present everything is clear! But darkness cannot reveal anything.”


Wednesday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis shared the impact that his coaches have had on his life:


“Coaches have a unique role because they can change the trajectory of an athlete’s life. From my experience alone I know that coaches can be there for their players as a mentor physically, spiritually, and mentally. They are often there for their athletes in a way that maybe no one else is.”


Thursday Former MLB pitcher Dave Dravecky shared how he aims to be content enough to trust:


“I trust that the Holy Spirit will guide me to act according to God’s way and not mine. When I live out that trust it’s amazing to see how content I can be. The more I trust the more content I can be because I won’t become worked up about the things that I cannot can’t control—He is in control and that I can trust.”


Friday Former Major League catcher Eddie Taubensee shared his experience of learning from the best:


“Despite my reluctance to see him, I soon found out that because Johnny had played the game for so long, he understood my situation. So I hung on every word he said that day and grew excited to put everything I was learning into practice, because after all, my instruction came from the lips of Johnny Bench.”


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