Increase Week in Review 2/6-2/10

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday We talked with New York Yankees left-fielder Matt Holliday about how he’s living in the increase of Christ, his faith journey, and the mentors that have impacted his life. Here’s what he had to say:


My faith affects everything I do—how I husband, how I parent, and how I interact with my teammates. I try to model the Biblical disciplines that demonstrate what it takes to be a good husband, father, friend, and teammate. Without the guidance of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit in my life marriage would be a lot more difficult, parenting would be much more frustrating, and playing baseball would not be as much fun.”


Tuesday Cincinnati Bengals Chaplain LaMorris Crawford talked about the right way to ask, “So What Now?”


“In order for us to experience God in this way—to know the fullness of joy in his presence—we need to get in His Word and be in prayer with Him. It was a hard Christmas Eve this year when the doctor sat down with me and my wife and told her, ‘It’s not good news…You have MS.’ It felt like a scene right out of a movie. Why was this happening to us? We have a fruitful ministry, we have souls to save for Jesus, we have four kids…What does this mean?”


Wednesday Professional pitcher Mark Appel shared about the peace and joy he finds as he waits for the Lord:


“There is so much that’s outside a ballplayer’s control during the season: Being traded, getting injured, change of management, etc. The more I experience this the more I realize just how much I need to constantly depend on Jesus. When I relinquish my own hopes, dreams, and plans and offer them to God with open hands, I am able to find joy in the journey.”


Thursday Chicago Bears cornerback Brandon Boykin shared how he resets his mind daily to focus on the things of God:


“The only way for me to be open and aware of the needs of those around me is by staying close to Christ. Being in the Word is the only way that I can really reset my mind back on the will and purpose of God. I’m human—I fail, sin, and get angry but when I go back to God I’m able to focus my mind on Him, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient.”


Friday Former MLB pitcher Dave Dravecky brought us back to the time when God showed him he had something significant to offer:


“I know that I have not had the easiest of journeys and yet God’s faithfulness has been so evident in my life as I continue to experience his grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, and compassion. God understands my story better than I do and He knows how to use my life to influence others. I just need to trust that.”


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