Increase Week in Review 3/27-3/31

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Detroit Tigers Chaplain Jeff Totten spoke to us about Making Ripples:


“We have been entrusted with God’s Word, which He has poured out into our hearts and minds so that we may pour out into others. As we set the tone in our own lives to be ripple-makers, we will see God use those ripples to multiply and impact the Kingdom in even greater ways.”


Making Ripples


Tuesday Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson talked about how to deal with conflict within marriage:


“When we are being disobedient to God and fighting with each other, it can get pretty cold in here pretty fast. But if we identify the struggles when they surface and arm ourselves for the attack, we can keep our eyes focused on God’s design for our marriage.”


Armed for the Attack


Wednesday Miami Marlins pitcher Adam Conley shared what it’s like to step into the new season with a hope that never wavers:


“After being convinced for most of their lives that they are ten-feet tall and bulletproof, all of the sudden they realize this assumption that nothing could ever happen to them is a lie. It’s a rare opportunity to have a room full of men whose hearts are open and looking for answers.”


For Such a Time


Thursday Former NFL player Don Davis challenged us about the importance of seizing the moment:


“Life really is a continuous series of moments. If you and I aren’t careful, we can be in danger of missing a key moment of our lives. This is important because every miracle in the Word of God—and in our own lives—always starts with a moment.”


Seize Your Moment


Friday Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright told us how he and his team are Preparing for Opening Day:

“Our practices have been phenomenal, we’ve been really focusing on things that we weren’t great at last year. Strategically we know we have to hit better, pitch better, and play better defense. That’s what winning clubs do, that’s what we usually do but didn’t do so well last year. The talent that we have on the team allows for that, we just have to execute.”


Preparing for Opening Day


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