Increase Week in Review 3/6-3/10

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Monday Former MLB pitcher Dave Dravecky talked about an opportunity he found to deepen his trust in God:


“Becoming content is a life-long journey and there is always something that will arise to shake me up and challenge my trust in God. This recent experience has been a great way for me to better understand the power of trusting God—a God who really is in control. When I move from just saying that I trust Him, to actually doing it, that’s when I experience true contentment.”


Tuesday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis shared what he does when he’s in need of a spark:


“Instead of getting caught up in so many busy tasks to do for the Lord, I try to be in continual pursuit of the Lord, constantly reminding myself how good He is and that He is in control of everything. He’s my Protector, He’s my Provider.”  


Wednesday Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley shared the importance of remaining teachable:


“As a pastor, I’ve realized that I cannot ask others to do what I do not do myself. How can I expect people to be students if I am not one first? In order to be in a position where I can pour into others, I first need to allow myself to be poured into by others.”


Thursday Former NFL running back Joshua Vaughan explained how he is guarding his heart:


“When you put the right tools in place, it’s much easier to find victory in the battle. When I dwell on the Scripture that I’ve hid in my heart and be careful about the music and movies I take in, I’ve already won half the battle.”


Friday New York Yankees left fielder Matt Holliday shared about the blessings that come with the willingness to bear the burdens of others:


“There are times when we are able to celebrate with others and times when we are fighting to help each other make it through, but God is with us every step of the way. If God is calling me to step into a situation of suffering, I want to be obedient to that call.”


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