Increase Week in Review 4/16-4/21

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Sunday Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley shares why he is celebrating The Greatest Comeback:


“Don’t lose heart, don’t give up, don’t quit. We serve a God that came back from the worst situation that any human could possibly face in this life. This Jesus has assured us that if we believe in Him, trust in Him, and do not give up, we too will come back.”


Monday St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Matt Carpenter shares the moment when he surrendered to Who is really in charge:


Tuesday New York Jets running back Matt Forte shared how he aims to lead his team this season:


“My expectations for the team are always higher for each upcoming year and this one is no different. As a leader of the team, it’s my role to exemplify to my teammates that time is of the essence. A leader is responsible to create a vision and plan for our team—what we want to do and what we want to be as a team.”


Wednesday professional pitcher Mark Appel talked about bringing glory to God in whatever decision he makes:


“Making a conscious decision to choose what God is leading me to do will often require personal sacrifice, but it’s not about feeling good about what I’ve done or whose approval I win, it’s ultimately about God getting all the glory. So I often need to ask myself: where is my heart and what (or Who) is the focal point of my purpose here on earth?”


Freedom to Choose – Mark Appel


Thursday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis talked about how our God is Infinitely Greater than any situation:


“We may be afraid to go to Him; we may be asking Him for something and only hoping that He will do something about it. If this is our mindset when we approach God, then we don’t fully understand the Bible. In our own minds, we are limiting the Almighty.”


Infinitely Greater – Demario Davis


Friday we watched NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin share how and when he found a life to live that was about so much more:


“The more I fell in love with Jesus, the more I looked for opportunities to serve people.”


The Man You Can Be – Anquan Boldin


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