Increase Week in Review 4/2-4/7

Want to catch up on the latest articles by the pros from the past week? Here’s what they had to say:


Sunday we watched retired St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter share his story of finding new life in Christ!


Monday Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson shared how he and Kirsten aim to be Of One Accord in their parenting:


“Our children are our arrows to raise up and sharpen. As these arrows sharpen and become lit with fire, we can them shoot them into this world to be adults on missions for Christ. They are our messages to times and places we may never see.”


Tuesday Retired Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky told us why he has such a great love of the game:

“I lived passionately for the game, and once I connected the dots, I lived passionately for Christ. The day this truth became real to me, I was struck by the fact that I was playing the game I loved in the next-to-highest level that I could, and I was getting paid to do it! Playing this game was God’s gift to me.”


Wednesday NFL fullback Tyler Clutts shared about the importance of investing in the Kingdom:


“God calls each one of us to serve in different ways. We each need to be listening for what God is calling us to faithfully give of ourselves. He blesses some to give financially in some incredible ways, and others to do more boots to the ground work, getting dirty for the advancement Kingdom.”


Thursday Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Steven Souza talked about the blessing and encouragement he’s found within the brotherhood of his team:


“Alex, Chase, and I have found a community with each other where we can challenge, encourage, and grow closer to God together. The three of us are able to really energize and uplift one another; within this brotherhood we can really feel the presence and blessing of the Lord.”  


Friday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis shared about the importance of bridging the gap to make way for the Gospel:


“When two people take the time to understand the other’s story and background, that’s when common ground is found. That’s when we can take this power to our greater community and build a foundation to share the Gospel.”


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