Increase Week in Review 4/23-4/29

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Sunday we watched René Taubensee, wife of former MLB catcher and current San Francisco Giants Minor League Hitting Coach Eddie Taubensee, share how she first found Christ:


“It hit me so hard…all that anger just melted away and I realized that God just loved me, and I was looking for that unconditional love.”


Monday Cincinnati Bengals Chaplain LaMorris Crawford spelled out the cost of discipleship—what it means to abandon everything to follow Jesus:


“We don’t know what tomorrow holds. Did I know back in 1999 when I gave my life to Christ that we would be fighting a major sickness with my wife? No. Did Peter know that his mother-in-law would become deathly ill? Did the disciples know that following Jesus would mean they needed to deny themselves and leave everything?”


Tuesday Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson takes us to a real moment in parenting:


“The reality of parenting is that you are an imperfect person and you will fail. We’re not going to do this thing perfectly all the time, but what’s important is that we are real about the times when we mess up. We need to acknowledge the moments when we break the standard that we hold our kids to. As we move forward from those moments, our kids can then sense that yes, mommy and daddy are more mature than we are, but they also think enough of us to apologize. They need grace just as much as we do.”


Wednesday former Major League first baseman Adam LaRoche shared his experience entering back into the world of high school baseball, now as a coach:


“As a coach, I cannot have nearly the same impact that another player can. I know this because I’ve been in both positions very recently. As a player, it was much easier to impact my teammates. Now that I’m a coach, it’s important for me to teach and empower my players to influence their teammates.”


Thursday professional pitcher Mark Appel took us to the moment when his spirit was breaking while God’s peace began reigning in his heart:


“You have everything you need right now to be happy, you have everything you need right now to be content, you have everything you need to have joy…That broke my hardened heart.”


Friday NFL fullback Tyler Clutts talked about how impactful the character of a coach can be: 


“Triumph began because of the selflessness of one coach which permeated the entire team. Because of our coach’s leadership, we went from being a bunch of athletes playing a game to a focused group of men with one mind, intent on one goal.”



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