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Sunday we watched NFL wife receiver Brandon and his wife Michi share their story of Breaking the Cycle:


“After Brandon and Michi were married, they were committed to breaking the cycle that had been all they knew. Watch the Marshalls tell their story of finding liberty from what they once knew as ‘normal.'”


Breaking the Cycle


Monday St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright talked about his latest trip to Haiti and why we are made for so much more:


“When you see these people living in poverty, your first instinct is to feel bad for them. But if you are a God-fearing person, it’s powerful to understand just how great our God is and how great their faith in Him is as they daily rely on God for every meal and every single drop of water.”


Made for More


Tuesday we watched New York Jets running back Matt Forte share about finding his identity in Christ:


“I had an identity crisis coming into the NFL…I didn’t know who I was in Christ, which is the most important thing…to know your purpose.”


What’s Your Forte?


Wednesday we heard Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Steven Souza tell us his joy is not based on his success or failures, but in the grace of Jesus Christ:


“I don’t want to let any circumstance change my joy. Whether we have a few losses in a row or a few wins, whether I or one of my teammates is struggling on the field or we’re doing great, nothing can steal my joy.” 


Solid Ground


Thursday Eagles Chaplain Ted Winsley talks about how to respond to the freedom that we have in Christ:


“By knowing the truth about who we are and who Christ is, we can be set free. But we can’t just accept this as head knowledge, we need to know this as an intimate experience. It isn’t until we go through the wilderness—the process of deliverance from our sins—that we (just like the Israelite slaves) become free.”


Free Indeed


Friday Cleveland Browns linebacker Demario Davis talked about learning from the last season and moving towards greatness:


“As we were finishing up the last 6-7 games, God was talking me to a place in my own ability, will, and passion for the game that I had never experienced before. Just when I couldn’t go any further, He could. I see that succeeding into this year—I feel totally rejuvenated in my game, my body, my mind, my mind, and my love for the game.”





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