Increase Week in Review 5/21-5/26

Check out this week’s stories from the pros!


Sunday we watched New England Patriots wide receiver Matthew Slater share the message of Salvation:


Monday we heard Cincinnati Bengals Chaplain LaMorris Crawford talk about the Obedience of Baptism:


Tuesday New York Yankees player Matt Holliday shared how he’s adjusting to all that is new this season:

Making Adjustments – Matt Holliday


Wednesday Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson talked about the difference between Excellence and Perfection:

Excellence and Perfection – Benjamin Watson


Thursday pro pitcher Mark Appel talked about trusting in the Lord’s promises through any success or failure:

Where True Hope Lies – Mark Appel


Friday Philadelphia Eagles tight end Trey Burton shared how he and his team are planning on taking it To the Next Level on the field and in their faith:

To The Next Level – Trey Burton


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