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Sunday New England Patriots Chaplain Jack Easterby shared his journey to the NFL, despite his own plan:


“I didn’t picture myself a chaplain, it wasn’t the long-term goal that I saw for myself, but it was what the Lord wanted. The Holy Spirit continued to point me in the direction of walking with Him and being a champion of His truth, against any will that I had of my own. I’m fortunate and thankful that He’s continued to work in spite of me for His glory.”


A Different Picture


Monday Professional pitcher David Ledbetter talked about a real, tangible Heaven that is here and yet far away:


Heaven puts my fears in the right place. It shrugs off the little things that can cling to my heart and bring unnecessary stress and pain into my life. When I have the right perspective of Heaven, my greater purpose is affirmed. I don’t have to live thinking about all these little things, so my thoughts don’t get caught up in the stream of the present. I’m stuck on the future and that invokes my present.


Here But Far Away


Tuesday New York Jets running back Matt Forte takes a look back at Easter and why we should celebrate this holiday all year long:


“Easter is really important for my family to celebrate. It’s not just about the crawfish boil, a fun Easter egg hunt, or the bunny, it’s about so much more. We want our kids to know that we are engaging in these festivities not just out of habit but because we are remembering that Jesus saved us from the depths of our sin, rejoicing in what Christ has done for us on the cross.”

The Reason to Gather


Wednesday Former Major League first baseman Adam LaRoche talked about how to engage in the Gospel with others:


“I really enjoy engaging with people who are struggling with these thoughts and working through hurdles with them. I want to give people a different view from what they perceive the Church to be—really spiritual people who think that they have it all together. That’s not what we are.”


Engaging with the Gospel


Thursday Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright told us how he is helping the fight against hunger this season, One Pitch at a Time: 


“Combining my love for farming with my passion to see starvation come to an end, I know that we can make a huge impact in the lives of those who may never have had the chance to experience life to it’s fullest before.”


One Pitch at a Time


Friday Tampa Bay Rays right fielder Steven Souza shares his appreciation and admiration for his wife as both a wife and mother:


It’s hard to leave my son home while I go on the road to play ball but knowing that he has a great mother there to be with him and care for him gives me so much peace. Her servant heart and strong work ethic shows me that Mikaela wants to honor the Lord in everything that she does.”
Bolder for the Lord



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