Increase Week in Review 6/11-6/16

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Sunday New England Patriots Chaplain Jack Easterby showed us what it looks like to have A Heart Submitted:


A Heart Submitted


Monday NFL cornerback Brandon Boykin reflected on his father’s example of Beating the Odds:


Beating the Odds


Tuesday Cincinnati Bengals Chaplain LaMorris Crawford addressed the best way to handle leadership by looking at the life of Moses:


Are You a Frustrated Leader? 


Wednesday New York Yankees hitter Matt Holliday talked about displaying the love of his Heavenly Father to the children he’s been blessed with:


Image of the Father


Thursday Philadelphia Eagles tight end Trey Burton shared how he’s experienced the unconditional love of His Father:


Experiencing Unconditional Love


Friday we watched retired first baseman Adam LaRoche tell his story of standing up for what his first priorities are:


Way More Impact


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