Increase Week in Review 7/30-8/3

Did you miss this week’s stories from the pros? Here’s what they said:


Monday Former NFL player and current Director of NFL Ministries at The Increase, Don Davis shared what it looks like to live counter-culturally:


Counter Cultural – Don Davis


Tuesday St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Luke Weaver told us how he shared his faith in Jesus Christ in the middle of the field with thousands of stands:


A Little Courage – Luke Weaver


Wednesday New England Patriots wide receiver Jordan Matthews talked about the right and wrong way to disciple others:


True Discipleship – Jordan Matthews


Thursday professional pitcher Victor Black talked about the fight against anxiety and how to rest in the promises of God:


Our Provider – Victor Black


Friday Chicago Bears tight end Trey Burton shared how he uses challenges to work out his faith in God:


Work It Out – Trey Burton


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